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lennox air conditioners
lennox SL28XCV air conditioner

SL28XCV Air Conditioner

Not only is the SL28XCV air conditioner part of the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection, it’s part of the Ultimate Comfort System™, which combines the best of everything Lennox has to offer to create an unprecedented whole-home comfort system that seamlessly and intelligently works together to stay finely tuned to your home and deliver consistently clean, perfect air.

Model Seer Rating Stages of Cooling
SL28XCV Up to 28.0 Variable-capacity

EL23XCV Air Conditioner

EL23XCV offers variable-capacity operation, meaning it can adjust cooling output like a dimmer switch to perfectly match your energy use to your comfort needs. This also helps control humidity more accurately.

Model Seer Rating (SEER 2) Stages of Cooling
EL23XCV Up to 22.4 Variable-capacity
lennox el18xcv

EL18XCV Air Conditioner

The EL18XCV is the first variable-speed air conditioner of its kind. When paired with an iComfort®-enabled furnace or air handler and an iComfort S30 thermostat, it maximizes its 18-SEER efficiency with digital communication features.


Model Seer Rating Stages of Cooling
EL18XCV Up to 18.0 Variable-capacity

ML18XC2 Air Conditioner

While most air conditioners are single-stage, meaning they’re either on or off, the ML18XC2 air conditioner can heat or cool at two different speeds. Most of the time the unit will meet cooling needs at its lower speed, resulting in balanced and consistent temperatures with lower energy use.

Model Seer Rating Stages of Cooling
ML18XC2 Up to 18 Two-stage

ML17XC1 Air Conditioner

A single-stage unit is either on or off, working at full capacity when in use. With this simplified mode of operation, ML17XC1 provides the heating and cooling levels you’d expect.

Model Seer Rating Stages of Cooling
ML17XC1 Up to 17 Single-stage
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